Cycle Station

S1 E11 - The Great British Divide

August 01, 2020 Dan
Cycle Station
S1 E11 - The Great British Divide
Show Notes

In this episode I speak with Kevin who has organised the Great British Divide.

The Great British Divide is a new unsupported MTB bikepacking event from one end of the country to the other. The first edition was due to start in July 2020 but sadly the 'C-word' had other ideas….. It's now moved to 2021.

Kevin tells me... it’s not a race, it is an adventure to be completed in a couple of weeks. Travelling from the bottom to the top of Great Britain, at times taking a less obvious route whilst still passing through much of the most beautiful, dramatic and testing terrain the country has to offer.

The route is mostly off-road with a distance of around 2300km and more than 25000m of climbing (yikes).

I talk to Kevin about what inspired him to create the route, his love for ultra distance cycling, his recent French Divide races and some of his plans for the rest of this year.

You can find more details about the event on Instagram (@greatbritishdivide) or on the website

Kevin has a true passion for all things ultra-cycling (and cycling in general) and it was a pleasure to talk with him. 

I hope you enjoy the episode guys


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