Cycle Station

S2 E1 - Ste White's World Tour

September 30, 2020 Dan Season 2 Episode 1
Cycle Station
S2 E1 - Ste White's World Tour
Show Notes

In this episode I talk with Ste White who has recently returned from an around the world cycle trip.

Ste spent 11 months cycling and talks to me about why he decided to embark on such an epic trip. Ste takes us through the route, his most memorable moments, what it takes to ride around the world and some of the more challenging things that happened along the way.

I loved talking to Ste and really appreciate his honest approach in telling his story. He doesn't hold back bringing to life the challenging moments, some of which are quite emotional.

Apologies for some of the audio quality on my end. Towards the end of last season I was having some technical problems with my PC and mic. I now have a new PC and mic so that should be sorted going forward.

As always, thanks very much for listening. I hope you like the next 10 episodes which'll release over autumn and winter.

Grab a cuppa and enjoy!


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