Cycle Station

S2 E6 - Mark Beaumont Around the World in 80 Days

November 14, 2020 Season 2 Episode 7
Cycle Station
S2 E6 - Mark Beaumont Around the World in 80 Days
Show Notes

In this episode I talk with Mark Beaumont who holds the world record for the fastest time around the globe by bicycle. He also happens to have been born in Swindon! 

Mark has made a career of World firsts covering over 130 nations & territories, made documentaries over 15 years for the BBC, GCN & CNN, as well as publishing 5 books. 

Having cycled around the World twice, he now holds this 18,000-mile record in 78 days & 14 hours – achieving the famous ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ for the first time by bicycle. 

Off the bike, these record breaking journeys have been through the high Arctic, mountaineering and ocean rowing, including surviving capsize in the mid-Atlantic.  

Mark was awarded a British Empire Medal in the Queen’s New Years honours for contributions to sport and charity.  

He also has a background in business & economics.  He is a partner of Eos Advisory, an early stage Innovation Fund, backing science, engineering and technology companies.

We have a chat about him being born down South, his world record and how he's built the level of endurance needed to cycle an average of 250 miles a day for 78 days. 

He has a book covering all things 'Endurance' ( 

And a podcast where he talks with the world's best coaches (

Thanks all, I hope you enjoy the episode.


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