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S2 E7 - Becky Hair #ClimbHigherTogether

November 30, 2020 Dan Season 2 Episode 7
Cycle Station
S2 E7 - Becky Hair #ClimbHigherTogether
Show Notes

In this episode I have a chat with Becky Hair. Becky has competed internationally in triathlon, raced crits and in 2019 fell in love with hill climb races. This year she finished top 10 in the national hill climb championships too. 

We have a chat about a really important topic in this episode , the equal treatment of women in cycling. 

Along with other local female riders, Becky has been leading a campaign called #climbhighertogether which aims to get more women sharing their experiences with cycle racing on social media, helping to inspire more women to cycle and to raise awareness of gender inequality in the sport. 

Becky shares her own experiences of cycle racing as a woman, she talks about what needs to change and how her campaign (and others) are making big leaps forward in improving equality.

We also have a chat about the fascinating world of hill climb racing. 

You can find Becky @Tri_Raving on Instagram or on Facebook (

Feel free to give #climbhighertogether a search on social media and show the campaign some support.

Thanks so much for listening guys, I really do appreciate it. I hope you enjoy the episode. 


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