Cycle Station

S2 E9 - Josh Garman Cycling Across England With E.T

December 16, 2020 Dan Season 2 Episode 9
Cycle Station
S2 E9 - Josh Garman Cycling Across England With E.T
Show Notes

In this episode I talk with Josh Garman who recently cycled across England with E.T, the little alien dude from the 80s.

He decided to cycle 600 miles across England to raise money for a charity called Hope for Hasti. You can find out more about the cause here

We talk about what inspired him to have an adventure on the bike, why the charity is important to him and how he toured 600 miles on a mountain bike with little previous experience of riding big miles.

It was a pleasure to talk with Josh and the whole time we were talking I had a smile on my face. He really brings to life why he did the trip and how he had to get creative to make it happen with such short notice. 

I hope the story puts a smile on your face over the Christmas period and hopefully it inspires some of you to have a bike trip of your own. If you'd like to donate to Hope for Hasti I know Josh would greatly appreciate it.

You can find josh via Instagram @expeditionjosh

One last thing, Josh and I nearly lost most of the audio due to a technical issue and from minute 25 the audio changes slightly. Hopefully it's not too noticeable!

Thanks all, I hope you enjoy it.


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