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S2 E11 - Guy Stapleford Cycling Saved My Life

January 17, 2021 Dan
Cycle Station
S2 E11 - Guy Stapleford Cycling Saved My Life
Show Notes

In this episode I talk with ultra cyclist Guy Stapleford about his journey in qualifying for Race Across America 2022. 

This weekend he raced the World 24hr Time Trial Championships from his turbo trainer, instead of sunny California. He won't know the results for a few days but I've got everything crossed for him as it may qualify him for RAAM. 

I'd like to thank Guy for coming on to talk to me. He was very honest as we talked about some real personal things and how cycling saved his life. Guy only started riding a few years back after turning his life around from a divorce and discovering he had pancreatitis due to alcoholism. It was at this point that he bought a bike and went on to ride big miles. 

He's rode some epic races throughout the pandemic such as Revolve24 and he's been creative so he can continue to raise money for charity whilst he rides.

We also have a chat about purpose and passion, plus some races that Guy has entered and what he's learned. In his words, he's 'failed' to finish a few of these for various reasons but has always bounced back to take on the next challenge. 

If you'd like to find out more about Guy or what he's up to you can check him out on Instagram @guystapleford_ultra or via his website

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I hope you enjoy the episode.


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