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S2 E13 - Ulrich Bartholmoes - Two Volcano Sprint

February 07, 2021 Dan Season 2 Episode 13
Cycle Station
S2 E13 - Ulrich Bartholmoes - Two Volcano Sprint
Show Notes

In the final episode of season 2 I talk with Ulrich (Uba) Bartholmoes, ultra-distance champion and current winner of many ultra races in Europe.

Ulrich has a fascinating story of how he got into ultra distance cycling, purely through the love of riding his bike, and whilst in Spain on holiday in 2019 he decided to enter the Trans Pyrenees Race......and won!

He won it with no prior experience of ultra racing. He's gone on to win many ultra distance races including the Trans Iberica (a 9+ day race), Three Peaks Bike Race and the Two Volcano Sprint. 

In this episode we talk about how he got into ultra racing and more specifically about his attempt of the Two Volcano Sprint in Italy, a 1,100km ride with 24,000m of climbing. He had won the race in 2019 and had decided to ride it again as he loved the route so much. 

In this race he decided to try some new tactics and to see if he could do it on no (or very little) sleep, this is a +50hour race! 

We talk about the route, his training, his tactics, why he rides big miles and how he fits it all in around a full time job.

You can find out more about Uba and what he's up to at

You can find info on the Two Volcano Sprint race at 

Thanks for listening all. I'll be back in April for season 3.



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