Cycle Station

S3 E1 - Boru McCullagh 1,112 Laps

April 03, 2021 Dan Season 3 Episode 1
Cycle Station
S3 E1 - Boru McCullagh 1,112 Laps
Show Notes

In this first episode of Season 3 I talk with Boru McCullagh who back in December cycled the Rapha festive 500. He did it a bit different though. He cycled it in one go and around a velodrome, 1,112 laps to be exact. To make it even more challenging the velodrome, Herne Hill in London, is an outdoor one. 

As it's Easter I thought what better time to release an inspiring story about riding 500kms at Christmas time, haha!

It's such a cool story that created quite a buzz on social media at the time, a proper awesome film was also made about Boru (& Tim's) challenge. You can find Calvin's film over on his YouTube channel ( 

I talk with Boru about his cycling background, that important question ' why he rides' and how he prepared both physically and mentally for the challenge. 

If you want to find out more about Herne Hill Velodrome where Boru coaches go checkout the website

Thanks so much for all your support everybody! I hope you enjoy this episode and season 3.


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