Cycle Station

S3 E3 - Steven Le Hyaric Cycling Kilimanjaro

April 27, 2021 Season 3 Episode 3
Cycle Station
S3 E3 - Steven Le Hyaric Cycling Kilimanjaro
Show Notes

In this episode I talk with Steven le Hyaric, an adventurer and former pro-cyclist from France.

Steven has cycled since a young age & raced as a pro rider for many years. He then decided to end his career and become a monk in Nepal.

After this period as a monk he decided to live a life of adventure, and wow has he completed some adventures. He's cycled the Himalayan trail, rode Paris to Dakar, cycled up Kilimanjaro, aims to cycle the world's 7 summits and is continuing his 666 challenge, cycling across 6 deserts within 6 months. He also rides multiple ultra-distance races each year too.

We talk about his life, why he seeks out adventures, anxieties of big challenges, meditation and what he's got coming up this year. He also shares some of the things that have gone wrong on his most recent ride up Kilimanjaro, it's quite the story.

I loved speaking with Steven and found a lot of what he said really wise and relatable.

If you'd like to find out more about what Steven's up to you can find info over on his website or his Instagram.

Thanks for listening all, I hope you enjoy it.


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