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S3 E4 - Emily Chappell - Why I Ride

May 03, 2021 Season 3 Episode 4
Cycle Station
S3 E4 - Emily Chappell - Why I Ride
Show Notes

In this episode I talk with Emily Chappell. I got in touch with Emily last season and asked if she'd come on and talk to me about why she rode bikes, she agreed. 

I'm sure most of you will know who Emily is. Emily's an adventurer, ultra cyclist, author. Has been a bike messenger in London, has raced and won the transcontinental and has rode around the world. She's done so much more too.

The reasons why we ride our bikes varies by person and the reasons can change over time. I've always been fascinated by people that ride big miles and wanted to talk to Emily about her experiences.

Clearly, the 'why' of something is always pretty complex. In this episode Emily shares with me some of the things she loves about cycling, how her relationship with it has changed over time and how it makes her feel. We also have a chat about her cycling history and some of the plans she's got for 2021.

It was a pleasure chatting with Emily and I'm honoured she's come on to chat with me. I've followed her cycling for years and read all her books, so talking with her was proper amazing.

If you'd like to check out Emily's social media you can find her on twitter and instagram.

I hope you enjoy the episode. 



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