Cycle Station

S3 E5 - Sean Hardy Behind The Lens

May 09, 2021 Dan Season 3 Episode 5
Cycle Station
S3 E5 - Sean Hardy Behind The Lens
Show Notes

In this episode I talk with Sean Hardy. Sean not only has an awesome surname (it might be the same as mine haha) but Sean's also an amazing photographer and has taken pictures of pro cyclists, photographed at the world tours, the classics and for multiple cycling brands and magazines.

I've always enjoyed Sean's cycling pictures so thought I'd contact him to see whether he'd come on to talk about what it's like being a photographer on the pro cycling scene.

We have a chat about how he changed jobs from working in an office to 'blagging' (his words not mine) his way through his first cycling photography opportunity. The reasons he loves photography, what he looks for in an image and how life behind the lens is at the races.

Id like to thank Sean for coming on and and being so open and honest about what he does. He's clearly found his passion in life and it shines through. He's got some cool opportunities in the women's pro scene for 2021 which we have a brief chat about toward the end of the episode.

If you'd like to see more of his photography head over to his website or Instagram.

Thanks for listening everyone, I hope you enjoy it.


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