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S3 E10 - Chris Hinds - Great British Divide 1st Finisher

August 16, 2021
Cycle Station
S3 E10 - Chris Hinds - Great British Divide 1st Finisher
Show Notes

In this episode I get to talk to Chris Hinds who was the first finisher of this year's Great British Divide, which was the first time the event has taken place.

The Great British Divide  is mostly off-road and has a distance of around 2200km with more than 35000m of climbing. This year's ride was cut slightly shorter but was still an epic 1800km.

We talk about Chris' preparations, what it was like to ride the route, how he feels finishing first and how his recovery is going.

I'd like to thank him for coming on as it's only been a week since he finished so I know he's probably still reflecting on what he's achieved.

I kept using the word 'winner' when talking to Chris in this episode but as Kevin who organises the event says 'it's not a race, it's an adventure to be completed in a couple of weeks.' That said, to complete such an epic route in the time Chris did, he's a proper 'winner' in my eyes. It's such a huge accomplishment. You'll also notice I shorten the name of the Great British Divide to 'GB Divide' (habit) when talking, that's actually a different route. This episode is 100% about the @greatbritishdivide route.

If you'd like to hear more about the route I spoke with Kevin who organises the event in a previous episode in series 1.

There's a bit of background noise in this episode.  Hopefully it's not too distracting and you can hear Chris nice and clearly.

If you want to check out some of Chris's posts from the Great British Divide you can find them on his Instagram.  If you want to check out the Great British Divide route head on over to the website or Instagram.

Thanks for listening.


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